Real Reasons For Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo's Divorce Received, Netizens react to a report claiming to have "reasons" for "Song" couple divorce


Source: Seoul Newspaper

The rumors surrounding actors Song Joongki and Song Hye Kyo eventually turned out to be true.

The recent news broadcast by MBC's "Section TV" regarding "song-song" couple's divorce shocked many. The couple married in October 2017 amid a lot of fanfare with the marriage dubbed the "marriage of the century" but it seems like the marriage didn't last long.

In February, a report by Chinese media speculated about a divorce when Song Hye Kyo was spotted without her wedding ring as she had also removed photos of her with Song Joongki on SNS. Many thought the rumors were false but on the 27th Song Joongki announced through his legal representative that he was in the process of mediation for a divorce from Song Hye Kyo.

According to Song Joongki, "both were hoping for the divorce process to be completed smoothly rather than criticizing each other."

Song Hye Kyo also made her official stance and said, "we're in the process of divorce after careful consultation. Both sides inevitably made this decision because we couldn't overcome our differences."

It appears that the couple is hoping to complete the divorce mediation by the end of July if possible.

  1. [+11,788, -52] So what's the reason gijanim [reporter]?? I don't see what you're talking about..
  2. [+6,237, -42] There is no reason for the divorce anywhere ㅋㅋ what a catfish!!
  3. [+3,334, -53] There is no reason for the divorce. This is just the same story as a bunch of old articles. As a reporter why would you put on a title like that?? Are you even a real journalist??
  4. [+2,539, -42] What's the reason?? Aren't you a journalist?
  5. [+1,264, -31] "The reason for the divorce has been revealed..." So where is it!
  6. [+275, -0] We need to report this journalist...what the heck is this click-bait article!!
  7. [+166, -1] This is an article that clearly shows why journalists are trash!
  8. [+132, -24] Does anyone know why she's so popular in China? She hasn't had any hit movies in Korea for a long time. I mean her face is pretty but she's pretty short and doesn't have much of a body shape. I heard that there's a rumor in China that she gets 1 billion won per episode or 10 billion per movie and recently signed a 10 yr contract with a Chinese subsidiary? Isn't it weird for a has-been actress who's 38 years old at that to get a 10 yr contract?? 
  9. [+128, -3] Don't write an article with a title like that...aren't you ashamed??
  10. [+75, -1] This reporter is a Yanghachi! [thug]!

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